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Start sharing your shopping data today and make an impact with Shop Analytics!

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Shop Analytics Gmail Add-on


Are you curious about your shopping patterns and want to contribute to valuable market research? Look no further than Shop Analytics, the Gmail add-on that empowers you to share your shopping data with our secure and privacy-conscious platform.


How it Works:


Shop Analytics integrates seamlessly with your Gmail account, allowing you to create a forwarding rule and join effortlessly. By setting up these rules, you'll be able to share your shopping-related emails, such as purchase receipts, product information, and order details, with Shop Analytics databases .


Privacy and Security:


We understand the importance of privacy, and that's why we take every measure to safeguard your data. Shop Analytics ensures that all data shared is anonymized and aggregated, protecting your personal information and maintaining confidentiality.


Be Part of Valuable Market Research:


Your contributions to our panelist community play a vital role in shaping market insights for businesses and industries. By sharing your shopping data, you enable companies to better understand consumer behavior and enhance their products and services.

As a token of our appreciation, panel members have the exciting opportunity to participate in our monthly raffles, where you can win fabulous prizes like vacations, shopping vouchers, and other exciting rewards that change from time to time.


Transparency and Control:


We believe in transparency, and you have full control over your data sharing. You can revoke the forwarding rule at any time, giving you the flexibility to participate in the panelist community according to your preferences.


Join Shop Analytics Today:


Join thousands of other users who are already assisting Shop Analytics to contribute to market research and gain insights into their shopping habits. Download the add-on now and become part of a valuable community that helps businesses make data-driven decisions.


Start sharing your shopping data today and make an impact with Shop Analytics!

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